Fat Kid Falls Down

"Timmy Doesn't Know Anyone At This Party" - 12" x 12" - SOLD

Let me give you an example of how easy it is to commission a painting from me: My friend Chris Walters Dot Com was over at my house, probably shoving hot dogs in his mouth or looking up disgusting things on the internet. At one point, he was looking through my sketch book and saw this post-it note drawing:

He said, "Hey, if you do a painting of that I'll buy it."

So I did.

Easy, huh?

And check it out, it's not a robot OR a dinosaur OR a zombie OR a skull! It's a sad little turtle at someone's birthday party!! (...ok, fine, he could have descended from dinosaurs, thanks jerk... that's a nice brain you've got there...)
Want me to paint something for you!? Shoot me an email and we'll talk about it: xadamdx@gmail.com
Chris, AJ & Roman have been hard at work, and they want you to see this:

If Chris had changed his mind during the time that it took me to paint this, I probably would have just sent it to this kid:

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