100 ROBOTS - 025/100

Still hammering out robot paintings as fast as my hands will allow! A big thank you to everyone who purchased a painting! The hard part is out of the way, now I just have to paint them all:

Name: L3G-H0RN
Serial #: X320204AD77-00021
Function: Egg Hatchery Management, Omelette Construction

Serial #: X320204AD77-00022
Function: Loans, Change Distribution, Money Laundering

Name: W1LL14M
Serial #: X320204AD77-00023
Function: Data Retrieval, File Sorting, Fabulous Haircuts

Name: |=|E|_GA
Serial #: X320204AD77-00024
Function: Diaper Changing and Disposal

Name: VZ000*^
Serial #: X320204AD77-00025
Function: Air Traffic Law Enforcement

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