100 ROBOTS - 045/100

I have passed the halfway point and I am heading toward 100! Time to start thinking about the next project after this one. Please leave suggestions below in the comments.

 Name: KLR 4400
Serial #: X320204AD77-00041
Function: Convection, Thermal Moderation

 Name: CHIK/@/D33
Serial #: X320204AD77-00042
Function:Mimicry, Scratching, Pecking

Name: 0++0
Serial #: X320204AD77-00043
Function: Inventor, Nuclear Physicist

 Name: HU83RT
Serial #: X320204AD77-00044
Function: Wasteland Exploration

Serial #: X320204AD77-00045
Function: Emissions, Gases, Vapors



  1. That guy above me stole my idea that I also told you last night (before having seen this).

    Clearly, the world wants 100 zombies.

  2. I take back previous comment and replace it with: 100 UNICORNS!