Commision: Art for one of my favorite artists

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Lindsay Docherty is an awesome photographer. She took the pictures at my wedding and did an amazing job. She also wound up being a great friend, but due to San Francisco being ridiculously expensive she moved back east.

Recently she moved into a new place, and needed some art for her walls. Lindsay asked me to do a painting of a creature with blonde hair and a camera. I hadn't touched my brushes and paints since the 100 Robots project, and I was on a dinosaur kick, so this is what came out. Unfortunately, I didn't scan it, so hopefully Lindsay will send me a shot of it closer up and I'll update this post with it.

If you're getting married, I'd like to give one piece of advice: Hire an awesome photographer. The day goes by really fast, and these pictures will help you remember all the special moments that you might otherwise miss. It'll be money well spent, I promise. Also, if you live in California, hire Lindsay so that she has an excuse to come back out here and hang out with us.

UPDATE: Here's an image of the painting.
(Lindsay was awesome enough to scan this for me)

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