Drawing Challenge #3 + Stuff from my desk!

I have been feeling something similar to writer's block.

I keep thinking about wanting to draw, but I wind up not drawing due to a lack of inspiration. This is not from a lack of having projects to work on (it's about to get really busy over here if I don't finish a few things up shortly!) rather my current surroundings (this cubicle) have filled the creative part of my brain with swaths of beige nothing.

So in an attempt to knock myself out of this rut I present:
:::::DRAWING CHALLENGE #3!!!::.;..

Ok, so here's the run-down:
-Post something for me to draw in the comments below. For this to work, it requires some group participation: in the comments below, write one line that can be illustrated. (example: Buddha getting his lights punched the frick out.) I will take the first ten that are posted, sketch them up, and post them. The one that I like the best, I'll turn into a painting, and the person who posted that idea gets the painting for free!
In the past, I've left this totally open to anything, but I feel the need to reign y'all in slightly...

  • Keep it safe for work. I'm drawing these at my desk.

  • None of the usual stuff I draw (dinosaurs, robots, etc.).

  • No more ideas involving AJ. His beard takes too long to draw.
Also, part two of this exercise:
STUFF!! FROM!!! MY!!!! DESK!!!!!

(not what my desk actually looked like. this is an exaggeration.)
I have a bunch of crap that I have accumulated at my desk at work. Yesterday I started kind of freaking out about it. I don't need all of this crap! I want to send it to you! Either post your address in the comments below, or send it to me in an email (xadamdx@gmail.com), and I will post a package containing something (or multiple somethings) from my desk to you! This offer stands until my desk is empty!


  1. a lucha libre cat wrestling an exquisitely dressed pot-bellied pig.

  2. A hippo smooshing its face against a window.


    A hipster baby laughing at the viewer.

  3. The gates of 1980's sitcom hell manned by none other than John Waters in pug form.

  4. a clown punching a mime in the balls.

  5. Toe Jam Wiggles in the Magic of the Night.

  6. Damn, Rich took mine.

    A pig made of bubble wrap popping his own bubbles. In a volcano. Of doom.

  7. Or... an 80's sloth. I just like sloths. A lot.

  8. A grasshopper resting upon a ripe red tongue (is that NSFW? I have no idea about cubicle laws)

  9. Teenaged tax-avoiders running rampant in the streets in support of Net Neutrality.

    (Assuming you're up to 9, since MDIaG is a 2-comment Or.)

  10. 608 Duke Lane Fort Collins CO 80525

    Send me some shit.

    Also you should draw Mel Gibson yelling profanities at his girlfriend.


  11. Max Bechard
    3301 N FM 1417
    Apt 1213
    Sherman TX

    I would like to see to see a fat dude with your face, eating vegetables in a pool filled with vomit. Not gross vomit, but pleasant looking vomit.

  12. Anthropomorphic exotic fruits as tourists visiting Paris.

  13. i'm bummed i didn't get in on drawing challenge three.

  14. Have you still got any of those mugs? They're all good.

    Jonathan Jefferies
    3 Blaby Close,
    GL4 5SL