Don't be a Spock - Adjust your monitor height

UPDATE: Daaaang! Thanks for clicking through to my site! +20,000 of you so far... Here's a link to a printable PDF version made by commenter Dawson, perfect to hang on the wall of your cubicle.
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Posted in the bathroom at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
(Thanks Mary!)


  1. As a service to all desk jockeys, someone needs to post up a PDF of the original document!

  2. Here is a PDF one I just made:


  3. Done! Check out
    http://news.office-watch.com?1483 with a PDF download.

  4. I must have that printout - can I get a copy?????

  5. This was such a good idea. Let's face it, no-one likes to be lectured, and certainly not about posture. But unfortunately, supplying the adjustable monitor arm and chair isn't enough, you do have to educate the workforce on posture and positioning their monitor. Otherwise, it's just wasted money.

    I may try something like this. It probably won't be Star Trek though, as I could well find out the hard way that the office is full of Star Wars fans!

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