Music Monday: The Steal + Return of the Fireside Bowl

(click their heads to download their discography)
I know this album cover looks like the album cover of another band, but hear me out! This is some really awesome hardcore punk rock, without any of the tough guy machismo or silly haircuts sometimes associated with those musical descriptions. This is fast, catchy, fun punk rock that I'm bummed I never got to see performed live. They were from Brighton, England, so I'd wager we even have some mutual friends.

Also, the Fireside Bowl in Chicago is returning to hosting punk rock shows after a 6 year hiatus! This is exciting news to me as Link 80 performed there multiple times over the years (7 times in one year alone) and our shows there were always EPIC. I was worried that the remodeling they did would ruin the space, but judging by the pictures it looks identical to how I remember it +10 years ago. Check out this article here.
*fun fact: I trimmed the gross ends off of my gross dreadlocks outside of this venue one afternoon using the mirror on the van to see what I was doing. I took a particularly gross piece of my hair and taped it up on the wall above the stage. It was there for at least a year.

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