(I can use this site to travel through time)

I forgot to post anything last week (whoops!) so now, I'm posting it from the future, like Marty McFly. I'll hide this and maybe no one will read it. I'm currently working on some shirt designs for Hard Girls, more flyers for Grand Fanali Presents, and hatching plans for some other slick stuff. Gnarboots is going to start recording on September 4th, I'll be doing the layout for that. We played a show on Friday and it was really awkward for us for several reason, probably the biggest reason was that we were wearing these creepy cat masks. We also have a new song about cats that wear pajamas. It sounds like something you would hear on Dr. Demento. Well, hope you're doing well. Be sure to leave a comment if you read this. I need another cup of coffee.
( I did a quick drawing of an elephant head for no reason )

( This robot is wondering why he is made out of an old cast iron stove )
( When you have no good ideas to draw, you can always draw your other hand )

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