Do this at your next dinner party.

My friend Loe invited us over for a dinner party a little while back and she had the awesome idea of setting everyone up with paper place mats to doodle on. In addition to setting the table with the regular condiments, she had a few jars full of colored pencils. I hadn't drawn with colored pencils in years, but it was really fun to sit around with my friends, doodling while chatting. Here's my place mat:

The other night I met up with my wife and some family friends for a dinner at a tapas place (which I think is spanish for "not a lot of food"). About halfway though the meal, I noticed that the tablecloth was covered in paper, so I busted out a felt-tip pen (that I knew wouldn't bleed through, mind you) and busted out a quick robot. I then had a request for a "Lydia-Robot", from Lydia, the cheerleader sitting across the table from us. So, I drew a cheerleader robot!

Next time you come over for dinner, you can expect us to have paper place mats on the table with a side of drawing implements!

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