Music Monday - ROBOTANISTS / Does Radiohead King of Limbs in 24 hours

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Did you download In Rainbows for free? I did. It set off a firestorm of bands self-releasing their records online for free download. I thought it was a liberating idea, freeing artists from the constraints of a label or an album cycle, and was more than a little bummed when Radiohead later admitted that it wasn't their idea, nor were they really all that fond of it.
Did you download The King of Limbs yet? I haven't. While I like Radiohead, and I especially like the packaging of their albums, between the glut of free music that I already have to listen to and additional life-expenses pending, I couldn't justify purchasing the fancy vinyl edition for $50.
What I did do was download this: a band called ROBOTANISTS took it upon themselves to re-record the entire new Radiohead album within 24 hours of it's release, and put it up online for free. I don't know anything about this band, other than they have a female lead singer, but these recordings sound... well, like what I imagine some of the new Radiohead sounds like.
I'm planning on experiencing the new Radiohead album in reverse, by first becoming familiar with the songs through these versions.

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