Music Monday - Cerebrin / Monsters

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I've been trying to put into words how this recording sounds. Gavin from The Doormice sings on this. It's six songs, but it really it could be split up into about ten. Some of the songs change so much that by the end, you have to check to make sure you're still listening to the same song. Other songs are more sonic sculpture, patchwork quilts of layered sounds. As far as local, self-released, independent music goes, this is pretty far from the usual fare.
While the whole album has it's own actual narrative, the whole thing sounds to me like: It's the last day of getting over a head cold. You've taken too much cough medicine, and you're headed out for the first time in over a week. The collar of your shirt is cold and damp because you didn't do a very good job drying your hair when you got out of the shower, which could use a trim. You're supposed to meet a friend you haven't seen in years at a cafe across town in a neighborhood you're not familiar with, and you wind up getting off the bus ten blocks from where the cafe is supposed to be. You only wore a thin jacket, and its a lot colder out today than you had expected it to be. When you finally arrive at the cafe, it's just an abandoned building. 

I also really like the cover art.

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