Unused DinoClue: Milk & Cheese

Rather than stealing stuff off of the internet, I prefer to make my own clues for the 100 Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn't totally feasible. The other day when I set up hunt #38 (which was in San Jose) I originally modified a picture of Evan Dorkin's Milk & Cheese that I found online, and that is the clue that appears on the site. However, the next morning I got changed my mind and decided I wanted to try drawing them myself. I used to doodle them all the time back when I read the comic books. I drew this version of Milk & Cheese, but didn't get it scanned in time to put up for the scavenger hunt. I colored it this afternoon for fun. I didn't use any reference for the drawings, so I messed up a few details.

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