Your Friday Awesome: I QUIT!

I have had really bland office jobs for the past ten years. I wound up in this line of work because when I would be home from tour with my band, I would do temp work. In Oakland, that meant working at a Kaiser office doing data entry, so my resume was full of office experience. When band-life slowed down, I found myself working full time in office jobs that held no interest for me.

This week, I say goodbye to that chapter of my life. I have quit my full time office job in San Francisco to be a stay-at-home dad, and to focus on being an artist. It's a little scary to be stepping away from a steady paycheck, but I have a bunch of money squirreled away in savings, I have reduced my spending to almost nothing, and I'm working like a madman to secure commissions. All while making sure my son is fed, changed and well rested. Oh, and I'm trying to keep the house picked up. Busy busy!

So, I'd like to officially announce that I am available to do illustration work, layouts for you next release, poster design or a painting you'd like to give someone for Christmas! Send me your commission requests!

I'll be posting some of the completed commissions I have done recently, along with some other pieces that I need to sell. 

Also, It's my son is six months old today! He is getting so big!


  1. Yeaaaaaaaaah! Go for what you want! Geez, I need to come meet this baby. before he gets too big to be a baby.