Th0mas - 14" x 12" - $30 SOLD!(click image to enlarge)

I can't really figure out why Th0mas is so distraught. Did he let go of his balloon accidentally? One of the technicians should have tied it to one of his arms to keep if from flying away if that's the case. Is the balloon following him home from the circus? Does Th0mas suffer from globophobia?? That could be a programming issue. Whatever the case, Th0mas does seem a little distracted from his goal of enslaving all humans!
This was the first of these paintings, and I did it straight out of my head without a sketch.
More to come! Thanks for stopping by, spread the word!


  1. He's wary of the balloon, because he realizes it's the balloon from "Billy's Balloon".


  2. i like th0mas...
    and i have an unnatural fear of balloons... so this makes me like him more... if i imagine that the balloon makes him wary that is...