2 new comissions

Hey! Remember when I said I would do comissions?! That's still happening! If you want me to paint/draw/make something for you, hit me up! Let's talk about it: xadamdx@gmail.com
Here's my two most recent comissions...

This robot with a heart of gold was a commission for my friend Rijel. She wanted to have it sent to her friend on the east coast, who actually builds robots. Nothing as nerve wracking as painting a robot for someone who actually builds the damn things! The background of this painting is metallic green, and the majority of the robot is shiny metallic silver. I painted this right before I started the 100 ROBOTS, so it was a good warm-up.

Shut Up Tim: A Podcast By Robby had us (Break This City) on as guests for their 13th Episode. Tim asked if I would paint him something, so I had it done in time to hand over during the episode. You can listen to the thrill of seeing a new painting for the first time... yea. I figured something that looked sort of 'tattoo flash art' would be good since Robby has a bunch of traditional looking tattoos. Obviously, I was switching between this painting and the robot above, as they both have the same silver-and-gold paint.

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