Give and ye shall Receive!

My friend Nnekay moved recently. It's those times in our lives when we actually have to pack up everything in the space that we've been occupying that we realize, "Geeze, where did all this stuff come from!?" Nnekay found all of these old art supplies from college that had gone untouched for years, and offered them to me. Aside from a few tubes of paint having gone bad, there was a bunch of stuff that I could use (she also gave me a bunch of canvas boards that I've been using, and which also gave me the idea to use canvas panels for the 100 Robots project). In return I said I'd paint her something. Since most people are crappy at keeping these sort of promises, I think she figured I'd never get around to it. Well, I made good on my promise and painted over a painting I'd started a few years back, turning a human heart into an owl! Here's a better look at the painting:

"Nnekay likes Owls" - 18" x 18"

The scrolls were in the original painting of the heart, and I turned the whole thing upside down to make it into an owl. This'll probably be the first in a series: "Tamar like Kittens", "Renee likes Unicorns", "AJ likes Coffee", "Stephanie likes Points"... man, I'm gonna be busy!
Oh, and here's a picture of Nnekay enjoying the painting: