"With great copycat comes great copycat-ibility!"

My friend Karl Frey unearthed this drawing of mine from circa 1991:

Yup, those are some superheroes we came up with back in junior high school.

What the heck is that thing on the scarecrow guy's shoulder?

Why is claw guy giving us the Forearm Jerk (basically The Finger in France) while throwing some dice?

What did that weird little anime girl eat to make her fart out electricity!?

How is that flying guy's anatomy even possible?!!?

Pure geniuses, us.

Click on Karl's name back up there at the top to check out his astute observations about our comic book influences. I would write my own but I'm laughing too hard.


  1. Is she holding a whip? An electro-whip? And dice dude is rolling initiative.

    I don't even know why I'm trying to defend this, other than maybe because I don't want your past selves to feel picked on from the future, or something.

  2. It's funny. I haven't seen that drawing in years. I remember it from back in 1991 though.