Ginger Beer Review #1 - Buderim Ginger

*since I don't drink, I've found that ginger beer is a nice change from having a Coke when you're out with your drinking friends. There's a bunch of different varieties, and I'm going to start reviewing them here!
The "authentic australian" marketing that proliferates much of the ginger beer I've drank makes no sense to me. Honestly, I don't think anyone is out there, scratching their head going, "Man! I sure am thirsty, I could really go for something australian!" I don't really give a crap where it originated from, I just want to drink it without getting the stink-eye from a bartender. This label is ridiculous. G'day Mate! Limited Edition!
Also, people who don't drink usually don't carry a bottle opener. All ginger beer should be able to be opened with your bare hands. No fun trying to pry one of these open, especially if I had been out on a walkabout looking at koalas, right!?
So... how's it taste? It wasn't the worst tasting ginger beer I've had, but it also wasn't the best. I thought it was a little syrupy. I did like how gingery it was, but I could see that being kinda gross to most people.
I definitely won't buy one of these again, but I'd drink one if it was free.

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  1. That sounds pretty awful. I liked how you quoted the worst tasting ginger beer ever.