Flyer - 01.07.2011

(Jim Phillips is awesome)
I met Jaake outside of a Gnarboots show with For.The.Win. last year, and have since been blown away by his (and all the other San Jose kids) efforts to create an awesome DIY punk community. He asked me to do a t-shirt design for his old high school punk band Cheers To Doerr, which is the same art I used for this flyer. I guess the last time they played at Nickel City, the cops showed up. Also, the show was on 9/11. PUNK ROCK!

Here's an earlier version of the Screaming Hand art, based on Jim Phillips iconic skateboard art. First person to point out the difference between this art and the art in the flyer wins a doodle by me (leave a comment below):

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  1. what difference are we supposed to point out? between the original and your version? it's the fingers.