Music Monday - Girl Talk / All Day

(click on the skeleton to download)

Every other blog on the planet has posted things about this release, but I'll go ahead and put it up here too since it'll cost you FREE dollars to get it, and you're bound to enjoy it.
So, I feel conflicted about this release. On the one hand, I've been listening to this a whole bunch. It's really good, incredibly listenable, witty, and it didn't cost me a dime. On the other hand, of course I'm going to like this, most of these songs were/are hits, and I already have 90% of them on my iPod. It is a stroke of genius that someone put all of these together in this manner, but the fact that Girl Talk can sell out a massive venue like the Fox Theater in a few minutes boggles my mind.
This is the perfect record for people with musical A.D.D. and a broad range of musical taste, and it might make you appriciate some songs you would have once turned your nose up at.

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