In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up: SWEET REVENGE ART SHOW!

(don't eat these.)

(All photos {except the Primary shot} by the awesome Mr. Kevin Zamani. Please visit kzphoto.org)

I turned 34 on Friday, and as I traditionally do, I took the day off of work. This didn't mean I got to sit around in my boxers eating burritos and playing xbox though. NO! I thought it would be a KILLER idea to have an art show on my birthday with BOTH of my bands playing. No problem? No problem! 
The show was at my friend Avi's new space on Valencia, called THE FUTURE. It's an old Victorian that he has been fixing up/fucking up with art. He let me paint on the fence and the curb in front of the house which I decided to turn into a giant candy cane for the show! Kevin showed up early and helped me a ton with everything from moving furniture to hanging paintings. He's the best.

My wife also helped me with a bake sale, with all proceeds going to our unborn son's college fund. In addition to the razor-blade-lollipops (which you had to sign a waiver to buy) we had artsy-fartsy cookies and candy!


(these guys are are actually featured in some of the art)

We kept the music confined to the front room with the art in the back. Gnarboots, the Pillowfights and Primary all played in the span of an hour.  Children of the Information Age play acoustic, so they went on last so the neighbors couldn't get too pissed.

(We are all gee to the in ay are bee double oh tea ess oh yes)

(this is me being surprised by the other Gnarboots with one of our new "Happy Birthday" songs)

(during the Primary set, I cut my ring finger open. You can kinda see it in this picture)

I'll be posting up some more detailed shots of the art in the next couple of days (including the two pieces I accidentally left at home, whoops!), especially the ones I still need to sell! For the time being, here's what the show looked like!

(This is my friend Tamar Solomon's art. She rules. The three smaller pieces all sold.)
(I didn't paint this one, a rad dude named Andrew did)

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to this, it was rad to see everyone! Sorry if you came out and we didn't get to hang, the whole night was kind of a whirlwind for me.

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