Music Monday - Big Kids / Hoop Dreams

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 A couple of years ago a bike messenger in the Embarcadero bart station asked me, "Hey, how's DESA doing?" We'd been fairly inactive for a while and I was dressed in my corporate monkey suit, so I was really surprised that someone recognized me from my dreadlocked punk rock days, especially someone who was old enough to have a beard and a bunch of tattoos. I had no idea who this guy was, and felt like a total jerk for not recognizing him.
Fast-forward a couple of years... I saw this album cover and the dude on the right (Jason) is the guy from the bart station! I guess he had come to see DESA back in the day with his friend Joe, who I still sometimes order buttons from now. I've gone to see Big Kids a few times now and they're killer! Last time I saw them was after they had just come home from a tour, so they were all sold out of shirts and LPs. That said, when I asked Jason if the record came with a download code, he said, "oh, just go on google and search for Big Kids, Hoop Dreams and Mediafire. Download it from there." So, that's what I've posted here. If you like what you hear, I suggest checking them out live sometime, they're awesome.

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